Cristal de BohĂŞme

Made from a variety of glass types with lead oxide, the Bohemia crystal is known throughout the world, renowned for the craftsmanship of its master glassmakers.


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BOHEMIA CRYSTAL – BOHEMIA CRYSTAL MANUFACTURER, Made from a variety of glass types with lead oxide, the Bohemia crystal is known throughout the world, renowned for the craftsmanship of its master glassmakers.

Carefully selected, these crystal creations are hand-made in the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic and show unique expertise: as main tools, the clear crystal is shaped by the hands of men. A specialist in crystal sizes, the glassmaker takes the molten crystal and begins work on it.

More than a century of history and tradition in the craft of crystal making. High-quality products at attractive price points. A lifestyle that is reflected first and foremost by the art of tableware. What could be better than enjoying delicious champagne in a beautiful flute or delighting in a nice crystal vase ?


Dating back to the 11th century, the development of this glass industry took place in the 18th and 19th centuries. What was special about this region? How did they get glass of such high quality? The secret lies in the sand needed to make the glass. We invite you to read our article on crystal composition. This high-quality sand is mostly found in northern Bohemia. The wood is also abundant, which facilitated production.

Because of this, northern Bohemia developed a large glass industry, which allowed it to make a mark on the entire European market. Thus, Czech glassmakers have decisively influenced the technological processes of crystal making in Europe.

Their manufacturing efforts to produce glass with qualities comparable to rock crystal likely ended in 1683 when master glassmaker M MĂĽller discovered the famous Bohemia crystal. This was the starting point for global influence. The ancient Bohemia crystal conquered all of Europe and then the world, to the detriment of Murano’s Italian crystal. A noble glass with thick walls, the craftsmen could then freely express themselves through size, like a precious stone.

Automation is emerging, allowing for quality products at affordable prices. Still, artisanal and artistic production has been preserved in factories that have managed to develop a large international sales network. Colored Bohemian crystal has become world-famous in the art world, both for its craftsmanship and the creativity of its craftsmen. The prestigious Maison Moser, founded in 1857, is the most famous in the Czech Republic. The small family-owned factory has made way for a world-renowned company, known for its exclusive luxury.