Discover Saint-Louis glasses. Unrivalled, dense, clear, sonorous and luminous, born of a ball of fire and the breath of man, Saint-Louis crystal vibrates with the immense talent inherited from history and the extraordinary creative fantasy inspired by current trends.

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In 1767, Louis XV allowed the construction of a glassware manufacture on the location of the previous Müntzthal glassware of the 16th century. The majesty conferred the title of Royal Glassware of Saint-Louis to it. Fifteen years later, with the development of the manufacturing formula of  crystal, the manufacture became the Royal Cristallerie of Saint-Louis.

Since the, Saint-Louis signs every days crystal creations, tableware, vases, chandeliers and lightings items – crafted by master glassblowers and cutters considered to be among the very best in France. Using these skills, they made from Saint-Louis the master of colours and cuts.

With a range of above 10 shades, either mass-colored or cased, and a multiplicity of cuttings from the emblematic diamond one, to the bevels through pearl, olive, star and cord cuts, the brand offers a large variety of styles and exceptional creations. Discover glasses, cups, vases, lightings and much more.