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Established in 1798 in Lorraine’s town of Longwy, the Manufacture des Émaux de Longwy has become internationally renowned despite its modest start, initially specializing in faience production.

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Founded in 1798, the Manufacture des Émaux de Longwy has brilliantly stood the test of time. Its humble beginnings in the small town of Longwy, in the northeast of France, did not foreshadow the international influence it would attain. Initially, its expertise was focused on the production of faience.

The creation of Longwy Enamels is a true work of goldsmithing, requiring not only artistic mastery but also exceptional technical rigor.

It all starts with the creation of a model which is a hollow plaster mold, into which barbotine is poured (a mix of kaolin, clay, and water).

This draft is printed with a black ink line that takes up the design to be applied, thus defining cells corresponding to each color of the future decoration.

Each cell is then filled by hand with colored enamel, using a meticulous drop-by-drop technique. The drop of enamel dries almost instantly on contact with the biscuit, forbidding any attempt at “painting”. It’s about carefully depositing a drop of enamel next to another until the complete filling of the cell, thus creating a vibrant mosaic of colors.

Once every corner of the piece is completely enameled, it is baked at 750°C overnight. This first pass in the oven allows the enamel to solidify and set. A meticulous retouching operation follows to rectify any imperfections, followed by a second bake at the same temperature.

The last step of the creation is the application of gold, which is painted on the areas provided for this purpose. This final embellishment brings a touch of brilliance and refinement to the piece. After this application, a final bake at 600°C takes place, allowing the gold to set and finalizing the work.

This meticulous process brings unique works of art to life, like the famous Longwy eggs, real jewels of French craftsmanship.


The Moon Owl is a true invitation to a dreamy journey. With a silver glow, it seems to come straight from a dazzling moonlight. The black and white enamels, cleverly arranged, draw a nocturnal landscape, making this owl a true work of art. The contrast between the nearly translucent white enamel and the deep black gives this piece a mysterious and enchanting character.

The I Love Owl, on the other hand, is an explosion of colors. On its body, multicolored hearts are drawn, bringing joy and dynamism to the piece. It’s an ode to love and positivity, a joyful affirmation that makes you want to smile. Its vibrant color palette and endearing motif make it an irresistible piece, perfect for brightening up an interior.

Finally, the Apple Blossom Owl is a delicate celebration of blooming nature. Its apple blossom motifs, delicately drawn and colored, evoke the renewal of spring. It’s a piece that is both soft and refined, bringing a touch of freshness and elegance to any decor.