Discover the art editions of the french crystal factory, as well as independent artists like Yves Trucchi. Daum, Baccarat, Lalique, signed and numbered pieces, executed by the greatest contemporary artists.


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CRYSTAL ART EDITIONS – DAUM LALIQUE ART EDITIONS, Discover the the artistic editions of the various major crystal factories, as well as independent artists like Yves Trucchi.

The Daum House is certainly the one with the most artistic collaborations: More than 350 exceptional endorsements form an incomparable heritage, and majestic collection. Indeed, aligning with the great artistic movements that cross every era, Daum has appealed to the sensitivity and talent of some of the most prestigious international artists over the years – artists as different as Arman, César, Salvador Dali, les Lalanne, Roland Topor, and Manolo Valdes. So captivated by the unique characteristics of crystal, they helped create a unique collection that gave Daum a special place in the art world.

The Baccarat House offers limited and numbered editions. Baccarat collaborates with the great designers of the time: Mathias for the Mille Nuits collection, Starck who revisits the Harcourt line, and Jaime Hayon, a rising star of international design, who created the Crystal Candy Set for Baccarat. The set is a collection of nine exceptional pieces in a limited series that pays homage to the great classics that have marked the history of Baccarat with humor and originality.

The Lalique House: Each year, the Lalique crystal factory offers limited editions to collectors. These include special perfume bottles, with a new model released every year. We also think of the collaboration with Helton John: The ultimate goal of this collaboration is to raise funds to support AIDS projects around the world. While respecting this goal, we also wanted to create beautiful, meaningful pieces that could appeal to everyone, helping to support the Elton John AIDS Foundation.