Tulip Collection Daum


TULIP COLLECTION DAUM – DAUM TULIP, The Tulipe collection offers soft and comforting pieces. Each tulip petal offers a part of the structure, for a captivating result. While modern, the Tulipe series offers a contemporary reading of the flower. Indeed, reality is delicately amplified, subtle.

Since its foundation in 1878, Daum has always expanded its collections through exchange and partnership with the world of art. Thus, from the beginning of the company’s floral creation in the Art nouveau mouvement, Antonin Daum created an Art department in 1893. In 1901, the École de Nancy opened its doors to become the spearhead that would evolve into Germany’s Jugendstil. The Art Déco years followed, during which shapes became more simple, tending towards the abstract. When the crystal company owner from Nancy met Dali in 1968 at his home in Cadaquès, forming a friendship with the surrealist artist that would produce many original creations that are presented in this exhibition. Finally recently, artworks by Braque as well as collections from the Guimet and Cernuschi museums were reinterpreted by these masters of crystal.


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