Collection Voyage tropical Daum

Daum, fascinated by the beauty of nature, offers us a tropical voyage in a lush wilderness where leopards and hummingbirds play hide and seek in the dense tropical foliage.

The fauna and flora, emblematic themes of the Maison Daum are brought together to create an audacious collection that advocates a powerful nature, wild and free, with bright colors in shades of blue and green, revealing touches of amber that unveil the relief of the decor.

The vases and the centerpiece were sculpted by the talented modelers of the manufacturer. From clay to crystal, they carve the materials and carry out several stages of molding to achieve a perfect rendering of the decoration and relief on a plaster sculpture, then in wax, and finally, in crystal paste, realized in a final and delicate manufacturing stage. This particular technique of lost wax casting allows the creation of these astonishing forms, rich in minute details and vibrant colors.

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