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The Montaigne glass showcases the beauty of fine Baccarat Clear crystal through sheer simplicity.

  • Champagne flute signed Baccarat, with box and certificate of authenticity
  • Capacity: 6 oz – 18 cl – Height: 7 5/8 ” – 19,5 cm

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MONTAIGNE CHAMPAGNE FLUTE BACCARAT, Unembellished, the translucence of the Baccarat Clear crystal is in its full splendor. The hallmarks of classical stemware design—the clean line of the stem and the slight curvature of the bowl—mask an unexpected "optic" effect. The outwardly smooth bowl in fact has subtle fluting on the interior, which in turn casts a lovely halo of shadows on the table. Thanks to Baccarat’s craftsmanship, the varietal’s nuances of both color and taste can be readily detected. Classic crystal champagne flute Baccarat, Clear crystal flute baccarat.

Classic crystal champagne flute Baccarat :
  1. Created in 1855the Crystal Baccarat is world-famous, considered as the purest crystal in the world. Strong of an excellent know-how, the factory of Baccarat is situated in a town in the middle of the Lorraine, where the latter pulled its name: the city of Baccarat. It is in the same city or our House, Vessière Cristaux, is situated since 1882, undertaken being passed on from generation to generation. Indeed, the house Vessière was one of the first to sell the crystal of Baccarat.
Clear crystal flute baccarat :
  1. But what the Baccarat crystal ? The purest crystal is obtained by the high-temperature merger (on 1450 °) from several components, during a duration of 36 hours: lead oxide, silica, potassium hydroxide of Alsace, and some fondants. The crystal of Baccarat contains 31,7 % of lead, well above the 24 % required to have the name "crystal".
  2. The Baccarat' table art: the brand Baccarat is famous for its various glass services, unique. Symbol of the French lifestyle, the table art of Baccarat still remains one of their speciality. An exceptional work is realized on every glass, glass-making craftsmen, the workers of Baccarat among whom some appear among the best of France, continue to immortalize the tradition. Buy a glass service, it’s to acquire a part of the Baccarat history, the ultimate French-style luxury. During the manufacturing to the factory, 30 % a 50 % of the realized items are thrown. Indeed, it doesn’t exist second choice Baccarat, an illustration of the requirement of the brand. A high price which justifies itself, approximately 10 hours and 30 different people are needed for a Harcourt glass.

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Dimensions 19 cm

Champagne flutes

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