SWAROVSKI, SWAROVSKI FIGURINE, Swarovski, a famous brand all over the world. Known as Strass in France, Swarovski crystals are now used in many fields. Fashion, luxury, and even automobile, Swarovski is the story of a family group.

Retrospective on the history of the House. The company is created in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski, in Austria. Thanks to the acquisition of the first machine to cut the crystal, Daniel Swarovski is so going to be able to produce an innovative luxury item, a starting point of a big history. With crystals cut finely, the company will be fast spotted by the big names of the fashion design, as Charles Frederick Worth.
At the Universal Exhibition in 1900, when René Lalique, another crystal designer, met with great success, the company Swarovski presents superb fashion dresses, adorned with Swarovski crystals.

Today, Swarovski represents before any the universe of the Jewel. One guideline which took a bend these last years, the side lifestyle is more and more assumed. The company remains still present on the market of figurines, which was one of its specialities. Collectors’ large number look forward to the novelties every year. Fabulous items, with a unique reflection of the light, thanks to the typical size of the crystal.


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