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  • Aquarium base to present your Lalique crystal fishes
  • Allows to welcome 8 fishes Lalique
  • Height: 30 cms Width: 16 cms
  • Sold without fishes

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AQUARIUM BASE FISH LALIQUE, Base aquarium to present your fishes Lalique France. This glass base in the shape of bell allows to welcome 8 fishes Lalique. Height: 30 cms Width: 16 cms.


Revolutionary artist, both admired and considered eccentric, René Lalique has a huge following, from the European courts to artistic and industrial milieus around the world. This prolific genius, dubbed “the Rodin of transparencies” by Maurice Rostand, has infused his Maison with such poetic force that 150 years later, the charm still operates and his art has become timeless.
The love for sculpture is present in René Lalique’s work and life. He was friends with Rodin and married Augustine-Alice Ledru, whose father and brother were both sculptors.

The founder of modern jewelry, René Lalique, was considered the leader of the Art Nouveau movement. Although he drew a great deal of his inspiration from the plant world, he also dared to display the female body in all its beauty and sensuality.

In crystal, the lost wax technique is directly inspired from a thousand year-old procedure used to melt bronze sculptures. Lalique’s originality stems from using it first in jewelry, replacing stones by small glass motifs. He later used this technique to create larger pieces.The lost wax fabrication process for large pieces is fairly complex: after having modelled a piece in wax it is covered with plaster, it is then sent to the oven so as to bake the clay while the wax melts. Finally, molten crystal is poured in the emptied shape.



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Dimensions 16 × 30 cm

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