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Following the successful launch of Départ and Le Retour, the Maison Daum collaborates with Laurence Bonnel once again to realize a work of art of one of her favourite themes – figures of a couple.

For this edition, the crystal manufacturer creates an interesting contrast of colours, accentuating each individuality of the tender couple. This certain technique demonstrates the exceptional know-how of Daum’s craftsmen, and the manufacturer’s mastery of the crystal colours.

  • Sculpture signed Daum France and Laurence Bonnel
  • Numbered and limited edition of 125 copies
  • Discover Laurence Bonnel sculptures
  • Box, bag, certificate of authenticity
  • Height : 61 cm Length : 11,5 cm Width : 11,5 cm
4 900,00

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Product Description

Discover the new sculpture by Laurence Bonnel, Tendresse. Born in 1976 in Paris, Laurence Bonnel studied Art History at an early age. After taking literature courses that revolved around the figure of the artist, she discovered the art of sculpture in 1998. The human figure plays an essential role in the works of Laurence Bonnel. The motif of the human, that of couples and that of the crowd, is recurrent and central in her imagination, and is purified with the formal stylization.

“I have always been fascinated by the “know-how”. I opened a gallery in which I expose art furniture and works with a common characteristic: the excellence of realization. The discovery of the Daum workshops was part of my passion toward the arts and crafts. This particular relationship with the biggest artists of the time for more than a century has been a part of Daum, well before many other luxury brands, creating a very strong link with Art.

For me, the crystal remains a magical and mysterious matter. During the visit to the Daum workshops, I realized that the work is quite similar to that of the bronze foundry, even though the material is quite the opposite: fragile and unpredictable. Each sculpture, however reproducible, takes life differently, and becomes unique. Thanks to the know-how of Daum, the crystal gives a new meaning, a particular emotion, to my work.”


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Dimensions 11.5 × 11.5 × 61 cm

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