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The Massena glass showcases Baccarat’s meticulous craftsmanship. Deep orgue bevel cuts are etched directly into the Clear crystal, irradiating from the foot of the glass to the base of the wide bowl. Discover Massena Baccarat collection.

  • N°0 – Height: 20,2 cm (water, wine, fruits salads, desserts …)
  • N°1 Water – Capacity: 11 4/5 oz – 35 cl – Height: 7 1/2 ” – 19 cm
  • N°2 Red Wine – Capacity: 8 4/9 oz – 25 l – Height: 6 7/8 ” – 17,6 cm
  • N°3 White Wine – Capacity: 6 3/4 oz – 20 cl – Height: 86 3/8″ – 16,2 cm
  • N°4 European White – Capacity: 6 oz – 18 cl – Height: 85 7/8 ” – 15 cm
  • N°6 Liqueur – Capacity: 2 oz – 6 cl – Height: 5 3/8 ” – 13,7 cm

Earn up to 195 points.

Earn up to 195 points.

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MASSENA GLASS CRYSTAL BACCARAT, This, in turn, puts the smoothness of the upper bowl in sharp relief. The intricate detailing gives the Massena glass the appearance of impressive heft, as if it were a modern-day chalice. The polished silhouette and prismatic qualities make it worthy of any festive occasion or special soirée. The glass is just one component of the iconic Massena bar and tableware collection, which encompasses wine glasses, highball glasses, tumblers, and a decanter. All pieces from the Massena collection share a scrupulously textural quality. Discover Massena Baccarat collection.


A small village surrounded by green forest that gets its fair share of rain. This is the humble setting in which magic has made its home for the last two hundred and fifty years. First of all, on 16 October 1764, Louis XV authorized the creation of what would become the prestigious Baccarat crystal works. At the time, the region was weakened by an economic crisis, brought about by the closure in 1760 of the saltworks of the Baccarat castellany, owned by the Bishop of Metz. To remedy the situation, the Bishop, Louis de Montmorency Laval, came up with a bright idea: crystal!

The product had become hugely popular all over Europe. Particularly the crystal manufactured in England and Bohemia, which was prized by royalty and the wealthy classes. The Bishop's lands were densely forested, so an excellent fuel source... but they were also rich in sand and potash. The raw materials of glass manufacture. At the result, Monseigneur de Montmorency Laval deferred to Louis XV, asking him to give his blessing to the construction of the factory: "France", wrote the prelate to the king, "is lacking in glassmaking craftsmanship and this is why the products of Bohemia are flowing into it in such large quantities, resulting in an alarming expropriation of funds at the very moment when the kingdom has most grave need of monies to recover from the deadly Seven Years'War."


The Baccarat' table art: the brand Baccarat is famous for its various glass services, unique. Symbol of the French lifestyle, the table art of Baccarat still remains one of their speciality. An exceptional work is realized on every glass. Glass-making craftsmen, the workers of Baccarat among whom some appear among the best of France, continue to immortalize the tradition. Buy a glass service, it’s to acquire a part of the Baccarat history, the ultimate French-style luxury. Furthermore, during the manufacturing to the factory, 30 % a 50 % of the realized items are thrown. Indeed, it doesn’t exist second choice Baccarat. An illustration of the requirement of the brand. A high price which justifies itself. Approximately 10 hours and 30 different people are needed for a Harcourt glass.

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N°0, N°1 : 30 cl, N°2, N°3, N°4, N°6