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Luna by Campelli Fabienne, limited edition 375 copies.

H : 57 cm – 22 4/9 in in – h : 57 cm – 22 4/9 in

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8 420,00

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LUNA CRYSTAL DAUM F CAPELLI, Every Daum piece has a unique and distinctive character, thanks to the brilliance of crystal and the intensity of the colors.  H : 57 cm - 22 4/9 in in - h : 57 cm - 22 4/9 in

  1. Giving a Daum gift is giving colour, light, beauty and rarity as all pieces are by their very essence unique. Pâte de Cristal is a rare and ancient glassmaking technique, which dates back to 5000 BC. Daum rediscovered this long-forgotten technique in 1900 and further developed it in 1968.
  2. In inaugurating an Art Department in 1893, Daum affirmed its ambition in terms of creation. In harmony with the great artistic movements that have marked each era, Daum has over the years called on the sensitivity and talent of some of the most prestigious international artists. Artists as varied as Arman, César, Salvador Dali, the Lalannes, Roland Topor, Manolo Valdes, all seduced by the exceptional characteristics of crystal, have contributed to the creation of a unique collection, and to giving Daum its special place in the world of Art. Daum’s luxury is precisely this encounter with great artists, to promote their works, or simply to lend them its know-how and material, for the time of one creation. Ever burgeoning.
  3. Pâte de verre is a rare and ancient glassmaking technique, which dates back to 5000 BC (pieces have been found in the tombs of pharaohs). In 1900, Daum rediscovered this technique that had been long forgotten, then further developed it in 1968. The process is extremely delicate to master, but the objects produced by the melting of fragments of crystal within a mould have a texture, substance and a softness of contour that can be obtained with blown glass. Pâte de verre is a Daum speciality, sometimes copied but never equalled ; a precious material that gives objects a sculptural dimension and which has been refined unceasingly. Pâte de verre has the quality of giving translucency to the forms it reproduces the brillance of this material, the intensity of colours and the myriad subtle shades all contribute to its singularity.

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Dimensions 57 cm