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Novelty 2015, very graphic vase, completely realized in the workshops of the House Daum. Signed Daum France.

  • Vase signed Daum France
  • Piece made by craftsmen in the workshops of the House Daum
  • Box, bag, certificate of authenticity
  • Handcrafted in France
  • H : 20 2/10″
13 220,00

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LARGE BLUE RYTHMES VASE, Novelty 2015, very graphic vase, completely realized in the workshops of the House Daum. Signed Daum France. H : 20 2/10".


Giving a Daum gift is giving colour, light, beauty and rarity as all pieces are by their very essence unique. Pâte de Cristal is a rare and ancient glassmaking technique, which dates back to 5000 BC. Daum rediscovered this long-forgotten technique in 1900 and further developed it in 1968.

The Daum adventure is an extraordinary story of creativity, which, over the decades, has embarked the House on an artistic adventure in permanent renewal. The House of Daum was founded in 1878, and was rapidly riding the artistic wave of the Ecole de Nancy. It opened itself to all the innovative glassmaking techniques of that era, which enable it to reach the peaks of creativity at the sides of its peer, Emile Gallé. Daum was rapidly recognised as an essential milestone in the prodigious adventure of Art Nouveau. The Universal Exhibition of 1900 awarded Daum a Grand Prix and brought it international renown.


Always innovative, Daum had already cloaked electric light with glass, in association with major artists of the period, like Majorelle and Henry Bergé. As of the mid-1920s, attitudes and tastes changed, the wheel of the creative adventure turned and Daum gradually left the shores of Art Nouveau to approach those of the nascent Art Deco movement.

Daum produced pieces in this new style which rank among the most beautiful in the entire Daum collection, with a richness of proposals, an accuracy of design and a sublimation of the materials. Glass took on a mineral, frosted and crystallised aspect. Bevels were arranged in a cubist spirit, planes cut deep into the glass resolutely shook old habits.


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Dimensions 25 × 51 cm

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