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The wavelike pattern of the Clear crystal rectangular Eye vase result from the outside horizontal cuts and inside vertical cuts, creating a dazzling visual effect. Discover Eye Baccarat collection.

  • Small Crystal vase signed Baccarat
  • Box, bag, certificate of authenticity
  • Height: 20 cm

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Discover the small red Eye rectangular vase signed Baccarat. The Eye vase mimics the unpredictable nature of visual perception. Relish the pleasure and surprise of constant rediscovery as the vase winks and sparkles in the changing light. The bevelled rows appear to gently ripple in perpetual movement, like shivering crystal. The effects of perspective and symmetry combine at the whim of the light through interior vertical cuts and exterior horizontal cuts. A whirlwind of temptation, the Eye vase draws the gaze into the eye of the storm. The clear crystal Eye votive retains these captivating signature features. Discover Eye Baccarat collection.


At the end of the Seven Years' War (1756-1763), Baccarat is a small village among others in Lorraine. Located on the side of the Vosges, about fifty kilometers from Nancy, the region survives with difficulty. Indeed, ruined by wars, its economic situation is bogged down. The forests are no longer exploited and the population, mainly composed of loggers, is reduced to a state of misery.

It was then that a prelate, Louis de Montmorency-Laval, bishop of Metz, decided with the authorization of the King of France, Louis XV to found a glassworks to create work to the idle inhabitants. In 1764, the "Verrerie Sainte-Anne" was created in Baccarat.

The company is flourishing until 1789. However, the French Revolution and the wars of Empire will affect the factory. Thus, it will be necessary to wait for its redemption in 1816 by a crystal manufacturer, Aimé-Gabriel d'Artigues, so that his destiny will change.

Then, the glassworks is transformed into a crystal factory with the authorization of Louis XVIII and that the first crystal oven is lit. In 1823, the company became a limited company under the name "Compagnie des Cristalleries de Baccarat".

In 1841, the arrival of the engineer François Eugène de Fontenay brings profound changes. It is to him that we owe, especially, from 1845, the manufacture of the first "Millefiori".

A major international luxury brand, Baccarat is well known around the world for its prestigious glass services. Indeed, the most famous is "Harcourt". In 1991, she launched the creation of a crystal jewelry line. The many gold medals and awards received in the various world exhibitions testify to the quality of its know-how.


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Dimensions 20 cm

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