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  • Gold luster crystal
  • Piece signed Lalique
  • Box, bag, certificate of authenticity
  • Dimensions: H 12.99″ x D 8.07″ (H 33 cm x D 20,5 cm)
3 250,00

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GOLD LUSTER BUCOLIQUE VASE LALIQUE, The Bucolique vase takes us to a dreamlike state of nature, answering a need for authenticity and wellbeing. This historical design is transfigured through shades of green and gold, evoking the colors of a landscape bathed in the light of sunset.

The dandelion bears many different names - flower of handsome men, golden floweret and king of the meadows. Its flowers open at daybreak and close at twilight; the slightest breath disseminates these silky balls and their white aigrettes in the wind. Magic powers are attributed to this flower that symbolizes the knowledge spread in the air.


René Lalique, genius creator, crossed both artistic movements of the XXth century with such audacity in placing art in a perspective that is no longer (only) that of the search for beauty. In passing the Art nouveau in the Art deco, the crystal glass-making Lalique marked the decorative arts with numerous creations. The vase Bacchantes is an example, a magnificent realization Art nouveau. It is one of rare item which still in the catalog Lalique France since its creation.

Jeweler then glassmaker, René Lalique worked glass as early as the 1900s. In 1921, René Lalique moved to Wingen-sur-Moder. In 1925, the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts was held in Paris. Lalique is present at this great event as it was during the celebration of Art Nouveau in 1900. His style has evolved, his patterns are more refined but his sources of inspiration remain the same : florafauna , femininity.

Today, the Lalique glassworks is inspired by the archives of its creator in his new Lalique vase collections. Thus, the Tourbillon vase, Anemones, are reissues of René Lalique.

To celebrate the 130th anniversary of the Maison, the new collection takes us to the heart of the immeasurable heritage built by its founder. Among fauna, the swallow particularly inspired René Lalique, which he then made the centrepiece of many jewels and decorative objects.


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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 33 cm